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Lockdown Browser not allowing students to view quiz results

I don't know if this has always been the case, but when a student takes an exam in a course through Respondus Lockdown browser, they can't view the quiz results/responses once they finish.   Canvas thinks you have already viewed the results when trying to view it after taking an exam.

This combination of settings causes the problem


Let Students View Results - Yes

Only Once After Each Attempt - Yes

Require LDB - Yes

Require LDB to view results - Yes

I tested it out in a dev course and it appears thatCanvas thinks you have already viewed the results when trying to view it after taking an exam.  It looks like the way LDB refreshed and reloads the page in new windows consumes the single view the student gets.

Is this supposed to be the case?   Is there a trick to enforce these settings using Lockdown, or is this a bug that one or both companies needs to resolve?

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Learner II

I just tested this and didn't have any trouble.  I took the quiz in LockDownBrowser (LDB) and immediately it showed the quiz response page after submitting.  Note that you are still going to be in LDB when you have your chance to see the responses.

If this isn't happening, does it work if the quiz is not set for LDB and is taken in a regular browser?

Community Member

I am having this issue as well. Was a resolution ever found?

I am having the same problem.

Surveyor II

Hi, my students are experiencing the same issue. When I test with a quiz set for LDB, but uncheck the "require LDB for feedback and results" there are no problems and there are no problems with the same quiz not uisng LDB at all. Has anyone been able to resolve this issue so that both the LDB and the "require LDB for feedback and results" can be checked?

I don't think so. I have seen this problem as well though. Stephanie, consider reporting the issue to both Canvas and Respondus. Maybe they wqill fix it. Smiley Happy

Community Member

Just to update everyone, I found out the reason that this issue is happening explained to me by respondus. When you open LDB and log in, it only allows you to take one quiz. If you would like to take another, you must close LDB and re-open LDB. The issue persists where "taking the quiz" counts as one item in the session, where "reviewing the quiz after submitting" counts as another session. Therefore, it blocks the results and answers from being shown.

I would really like this fixed as it is a major headache. The problem is, it's not clear whether it's a canvas or LDB issue. I put in a ticket with respondus and they responded with the following:

[This]is an identified Canvas issue that has been reported to Instructure Support. We understand Instructure Support has scheduled a fixt for the issue but no date has been provided as to when this will occur. We suggest submitting a ticket to Instructure Support inquiring about a status update.

Never heard back from instructure or respondus about this. So...:smileyconfused:?????

Community Member

Thank you for the update.  We are having the same issue and this discussion saved me some time. 

Surveyor II

Same issue here. Any further updates on this?

Community Member

Has anyone found a solution to this problem yet? I have had several professors encounter this this week, and am hoping to find a solution for them. Our nursing faculty only want students to be able to view their exam results once, immediately following the exam--so it does not work to close Lockdown Browser and then log back in. Lockdown Browser should automatically show the results at the conclusion of the quiz but it basically shows a blank screen.