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Log In Difficulties

I have been introduced into CANVAS LMS when I was still pursuing my college degree in Education. I have finished two online courses there as part of my professional development and utter curiosity about this LMS. After two years of inactivity, I managed to log in again so that I can update my information and one of that was my email address. So basically, I have added a new email address and then I deleted the old one. However, every time I try to log in using the new email address that I have associated with my canvas account, I get an error. I tried to check the spelling of the email, and I have checked the password and everything was just correct. I then tried logging in using the old email address though it was removed, and it worked fine. Anyone here who experienced the same issue? what should i do s that I can log in using the new email address and not the old one?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @CrimsonSword07 ...

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with logging in and your e-mail address.  For clarification, do you know if you are trying to log in via your school's Canvas environment?  Or, are you trying to log in via the Canvas Free For Teachers site (Canvas Account Login | Instructure)?  If you are trying to log in to your school's Canvas environment, you may need to reach out to your school's local Canvas administrator or someone from your school's Online Learning/eLearning department.  They would be the best ones to help you with that.

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.  Take well.

I do not access the CANVAS LMS using an institution portal, and I do not access the same LMS vis INSTRUCTURE. I just log in through the url . I have been acquainted with it since it was introduced to us back in college and we were required to finish at least one online course there.

Because of this difficulty, I just wanted to delete my canvas account. However, these are the only help options available to me.Help options available to meHelp options available to me

@CrimsonSword07 We see that you have a Canvas Network account with two active course enrollments. We can delete the account itself, but it will also have the effect of deleting all of your participation in the courses, and the delete action, once taken, cannot be reversed. Would you still like us to go ahead and delete the account you are accessing through