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Logging out of shared devices

Hello, we are not one to one and have shared iPads. Students use the Canvas app and forget to sign out. Other students then use the first student's accounts to send inappropriate messages to students and teachers. Does anyone have suggestions to combat this besides the obvious ipad checkout system which we continually stress? I see a lot of requests to NOT have auto sign out, so I doubt that request would fly. Thank you.

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HI @jaydsonnenburg 

As iPads are designed to be individual devices, this really comes down to user behavior. 

I'm curious why your school hasn't implemented the shared iPad functionality that is specific for education.  It seems like that is what you are looking for.

I posted the wrong link, this is more specific to shared iPads.

Yes, thank you. Apple would like us to do that as well, but not sure if it's managing 85k apple id's or the wide range of devices we have, but have not done that yet.