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Login Question-Username

I am trying to help my student users, TAs etc register. Is there a way to only use a username and password? If not how do I invite users who do not have email?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @kendallynn,

The answer to this question will depend on which instance of Canvas you are using.  If you are using an institutional instance, meaning your school or university has provided Canvas as a paid service, the answer will depend on their local policy.  Some schools tie registration to registration system enrollments.  Others allow people to send emailed enrollment invitations. Still others will use API calls or text file imports at the admin level.  If you are using Canvas Free for Teachers the only option available to you is to use emailed enrollment invites. 

Does that answer your question?

Yes. Thank you. Is there a way around the email invites when using the free version? I have some users without email access who are working virtually right now.

Community Team
Community Team

Hello Again!

Unfortunately there is not a designed way to use the free version without email.  That being said, I have heard of cases, particularly with younger students, where people have created Gmail, or other free email accounts, invited the account, gone into the email and accepted the invite, set a password, etc and then given the email address (as username) and the password to the student.  This could get labor intensive in a hurry depending on how many users you are working with but it might work for you.