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Login page for Sub-Accounts

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How can I create a custom login page with the new UI for each sub-account?

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I have discussed this with my CSM to no avail. I may have something custom

written to accomplish this.

Deanna E. MayersManaging Director

K12 Learning Unlimited

On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 6:50 AM, <

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Community Coach
Community Coach

I'm not sure of the answer to this question (or if it's possible), but I'm going to share it with the Canvas Admins​ and Canvas Developers​ groups to see if they can help!

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The short answer is:

1. Enable the "Let sub-accounts use the Theme Editor to customize their own branding" setting (explained in How do I manage the options in the Account Settings tab?​)

2. Go to the sub-acccount, open the Theme Editor, and edit the login screen options (explained in How do I manage themes for an account?​)

That said, this discussion seems to imply that your changes don't actually do anything, despite appearances. I'm unable to test it because we sign in via our portal instead of the login screen (and the backdoor login apparently doesn't work with subaccounts).

Does it work for you?

I am using the theme editor for the sub account but I don't see how to direct the user to the login page that is specific to that sub-account.

What happens when you go to the sub-account's URL? Does it take you to the login page for the root account? Because of our SSO setup, if I paste my sub-account URL in the browser I'm re-directed to the portal to sign in, and then taken directly to the sub-account home. So I'm just curious about what happens when you're using Canvas credentials instead of single sign-on.

That is probably my main issue.  I don't know where to find the sub-account URL.  How do I determine that?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @deanna_mayers ​...

I wanted to check in with you because there hasn't been any new activity in this thread since September 29th.  Did the replies from  @tdelillo ​ help to answer your question?  Have you been able to come up with a solution on your own since the end of September?  Or, are you still looking for some help with this issue?  If one of Tracey's replies above has helped, you can mark it as "Correct", but please feel free to come back and let the Community know if you have other questions related to this.  I am going to mark this question as "Assumed Answered", but that won't prevent you or others from posting additional questions or comments to this thread.  Thanks Deanna.

This did not answer my question.

Deanna E. MayersManaging Director

K12 Learning Unlimited

On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 11:34 PM, <>

 @deanna_mayers , I'm sorry to hear that the Community conversation did not address your question, and it is no longer marked "Assumed Answered."

When we last left it,  @tdelillo ​ had asked you some questions about pasting the sub-account's URL in the browser. Tracey, just to confirm, are you referring to the URL that appears in the browser address bar when the user clicks on the sub-account? I think someone who is not using SSO will have to address this, because SSO will generally override any custom login option.

Also, I found this in the guide to which Tracey linked:

Note: If sub-account themes have been enabled, each sub-account also includes a Themes link. To open the Theme Editor for a sub-account, click the Sub-Accounts link to locate and open the sub-account, then click the sub-account's Themes link.

And when I followed that instruction, I was immediately taken to the Themes editor for the sub-account to which I had navigated. Is this what is not working for you? Or are you past that step, and have now been trying to apply the theme without success?

Last, this question you posed:

I am using the theme editor for the sub account but I don't see how to direct the user to the login page that is specific to that sub-account.

Is this the sticking point?  I thought you could change the image for your login, but not the actual URL. The login URL should be the url for your account ( Upon login, your users will be directed to the sub-accounts in which their courses reside, at which point they will see the custom theme for that sub-account. Have you been able to test and confirm that, perhaps by using a dummy login for a user enrolled in courses in a custom-themed sub-account?

I'm not clear on this, and hope someone else with more experience in creating custom themes can elaborate. I'll re-tag the Canvas Admins​ to bring some eyes back to the question.

Surveyor II

I have customized the styling for a sub-account using the theme editor, and it has worked just fine, but I haven't tried to style a custom login page for a sub-account.

I can see in the theme editor where you can edit the login for a sub-account, and I have done that.

For testing I simply changed the background color to something obviously different.

When I try to point my browser directly at the sub-account, Canvas redirects me to the main login page:

This is the primary login page for the site, not the login page that I styled for the sub-account.

So it is easy to style a sub-account login page, but the question remains:

  • is there a way to actually implement a sub-account login page?

This is a good question, I can see some use cases for this at our institution.