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Losing rubric visibility when adding external tool

I know this question has been answered multiple times over the last few years, but as a new canvas user I am wondering if it is something than can be easily changed by the app developers.

When adding an external tool to an assignment I lose the ability to see, edit, or add my rubrics to the assignment. 

This creates a lot of anxiety and confusion even though I know ( I actually haven't graded anything yet to know) that the rubric will appear later when I am grading.

Is this not something that can be addressed?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @Robert_Shahan ...

Even though I do not work for Instructure or know what their plans may be to make this kind of request happen, I did post a reply to your question over on this thread.  Hopefully the information I gave you there will help in some way to answer your question.

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