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Community Coach
Community Coach

M. Bonner - Book Study/PD

Hi Community Friends!

While I attended instcon‌ remotely, I heard amazing things about Michael Bonner Keynote‌. In the few short days since, I purchased his book Get Up or Give Up. I'd love to have some reading buddies (see the reference: Here's to Fall... and Professional Growth‌) to hold me accountable.

Is anyone interested in reading Get Up or Give Up with other Community members?

If there's enough interest, I would find a way to break the book into doable segments. I would then create a Canvas Course to house the discussions. We can toss in some social media if that would increase engagement as well.

All of this is a new idea and needs some fine-tuning, yes. However, I thought I'd post the question before I convinced myself that I "didn't have time" to do anything extra as we head back to school. Smiley Happy

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I really have a lot to do on my job, however, this speaker was so inspiring that I am willing to take the time to share and support this ideal.  Please count me in and thank you Kristin for starting this collaboration.


I'm in!  I think either option will work, but the second would be easier.

Community Coach
Community Coach

I think it's time to make a decision!

Here's what we'll do:

Week of Sept 3 -- Read Chapters 1-3, Submit Questions by Friday 7pm MST, Vote on Topics by Sunday 7pm MST

Week of Sept 10 -- Discuss

Week of Sept 17 -- Read Chapters 4-6, Submit Questions by Friday 7pm MST, Vote on Topics by Sunday 7pm MST

Week of Sept 24 -- Discuss

Week of Oct 1 -- Read Chapters 7-9, Submit Questions by Friday 7pm MST, Vote on Topics by Sunday 7pm MST

Week of Oct 8 -- Discuss

Week of Oct 15 -- Wrap Up!

I want to leave the level of "mandatory" participation up to the individual participant. I won't put requirements on a number of posts, length, replies, etc. The point of this is to have people reading along with you, so it's easier to get through the book and you are guaranteed to have someone to share ideas with as you have lightbulb moments.

I will begin to create a course shell to house our discussions. There won't be much more than a module view and links to Michael Bonner's website.

Sound good?! 

Not just good: it sounds FABULOUS! Thank you so much for organizing this,  @klundstrum ‌!!!

I forgot one more thing!! I'll embed a Twitter hashtag search. I'll think on that hashtag (we'll use it here for book groups in the future and on Twitter), and make sure everyone knows it with plenty of time. We can use Twitter for sharing big moments and personal takeaways. Smiley Happy

I will definitely be using Twitter to amplify the conversation too... especially since that is probably the best way to connect up with MIchael Bonner himself and his teacher network. 🙂

This is a great plan of action.

Just ordered my copy... very excited for this.  Thank you for setting this up, Kristin!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I love this group already Smiley Happy

Lamplighter II

I would love to do this!