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Community Coach
Community Coach

M. Bonner - Book Study/PD

Hi Community Friends!

While I attended instcon‌ remotely, I heard amazing things about Michael Bonner Keynote‌. In the few short days since, I purchased his book Get Up or Give Up. I'd love to have some reading buddies (see the reference: Here's to Fall... and Professional Growth‌) to hold me accountable.

Is anyone interested in reading Get Up or Give Up with other Community members?

If there's enough interest, I would find a way to break the book into doable segments. I would then create a Canvas Course to house the discussions. We can toss in some social media if that would increase engagement as well.

All of this is a new idea and needs some fine-tuning, yes. However, I thought I'd post the question before I convinced myself that I "didn't have time" to do anything extra as we head back to school. Smiley Happy

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Everyone! 

While I will take a bit to beautify the home page and establish the organization system, I wanted to make sure that everyone could enroll in the course! When it's ready to roll, I'll send everyone an announcement from the course, rather than relying on this discussion. Smiley Happy

I clicked on the link & I am being asked for my email & password, which fails. Do I need to create an ID in this instance of Canvas first? If so, where/how can I do that?

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Having the same issue  @klundstrum ‌

Me three!!

 @mjennings ‌,  @bcrook ‌, and  @lindalee ‌ -- Thanks for letting me know. I had to adjust some admin settings, but it should work now. Please let me know if that's not the case. 

I'm in. Thanks!!

 @klundstrum ,

I don't know what I'm missing...I have tried my personal email and my work email and I have tried both options new and already have and still can't get in Smiley Sad

I also was not able to get in; no error message -- the log-in screen just comes up again and again.

You gave me the thought of trying my other email, and I got the same result: for both my school email and my Gmail (which I would normally use for something like this), I was not able to enroll.

I would like to learn how this works since letting people self-enroll like this looks very handy! Is this an FFT course,  @klundstrum ‌?

Same here laurakgibbs!

ysmalls‌ and laurakgibbs‌, please send a direct message and include the email you'd like to use for the course! I'll add you manually. Smiley Happy