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Magnifying Glass not showing

Why do some files display the magnifying glass Magnifying Glass.png and others the download arrow Download arrow.jpg? From what I see they are both using the same html code:

<a class="instructure_file_link instructure_scribd_file" title="fs_midterm.pdf" href="/courses/68569/files/21023485/download?wrap=1">

<a class="instructure_file_link instructure_scribd_file" title="Key Equations.pdf" href="/courses/7980/files/16680801/download?wrap=1">

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Community Coach
Community Coach

No idea, and I've actually never seen that download icon next to a file. Normally with a PDF it should display the magnifying icon to do a preview.  It's possible to disable the inline preview which makes the magnifying class go away, but I've never seen it get replaced with a download icon.  And the html looks different when you do that with extra stuff like " target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-canvas-previewable="false""

Is it possible to post a screenshot of an entire page with these two samples for better reference?  Can you also share the type of computer and what browser you are using?