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Making sure students have access to Collaborations

I've made a collaboration for a class divided into teams. For this, I made an individual collaboration for each group in my class. I have enabled the "Collaborations" link. When I try to go to Collaborations in Student View I get a message saying Access Denied. How can I make sure that students will be able to access these collaborations I've created?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

HI @btebeau good on you for giving Collaborations a go.

Once they are up and running I think they are fabulous. 

A few kinks that may need ironing out when getting started:

Make sure your students have already signed into or the google address your institution uses. 

Expect a small amount of chaos when getting started. Once those hurdles are over it ought to be smooth sailing.

Enjoy the collaborating. 

Sing out if you need  a hand. 

Ya, it didn't work for anyone. The doc never loaded.

I created a collaboration for 6 groups in my class (separate collaboration group and doc for each).

Never loaded for students.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Darn. Are you using Microsoft or Google?