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Manually Created Sections and Grade Pass-back to Power School

     So with this whole COVID thing going on, we are currently running a hybrid schedule. For the purposes of this post we will call them Group A and Group B. I have all my sections for each class period, but then within those class periods, we have the 2 groups, thus I created 2 new sections in canvas- Group A and Group B. I then edited each student's section and added them to their appropriate group. This way, I can assign certain assignments to specific groups depending on if they are at home or at school. I can also adjust the due dates for each group as well.

     The problem I have run into is the Grade Pass-Back to Power School. When I go to sync the grades, they don't show up in power school. I know these manually created groups don't have an SIS ID, but the students within those groups are still connected to their original class period and the SIS ID that goes with it.

     Is there something I am missing? Is it not possible to do this? And thus brings me to this forum...hoping a bright intellectual can help our whole building out or tell us we can't do it. I just want to make sure if there is a way to do it, I can help a lot of people out!

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