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Manually created section enrollment

For organizational purposes, we have manually created sections within a course and assigned students. When a student drops the course, our Registration system (Banner) removes the student from the SIS section of the course. However, the student remains in the manually created section. Is this the expected behavior? We thought that removing the student via SIS would remove them from the sub-section as well. 

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It likely has to do with how your school is feeding the drops from Banner to Canvas.

See the "enrollments.csv" section of SIS Import Format Documentation - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation. Note that "course_id or section_id is required". I suspect that if the feed is sending section_id, only those specific sections will be removed. If you send only the course_id, it may remove all sections. This is just a suspicion and it may well leave enrollments in non-SIS sections untouched regardless. It's worth experimenting on your test environment.



Thanks for the reply. We'll investigate.

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Hi Mark,

We're experiencing a similar issue with dropped enrollments after implementing Banner 9 Registration. We use the Diffing Mode with SIS batch processing but every once in a while find an active enrollment in Canvas that was dropped in Banner. 

How are you processing dropped Banner enrollments in Canvas?



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