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Surveyor II

Mastery Path: Is this flow chart possible


I am new to Canvas this year but I am learning so many great things.  I am wondering if this flow chart is too much for Canvas?


What I want to be able to do is to give remediation, the same remediation, if a student does not do well on the application portion and/or the activity or notes.


To be clear, Student A could start with Goal 1 and do well, then go on to the application.  If they do poorly on the application activity, I would like them to do the Goal 1 remediation work.

Student B, would also start with Goal 1 but do poorly.  They would then do the Goal 1 remediation before they did the Goal 1 application activity.


Or do I need to make two copies of the same activity and call them different items depending on what stage in the path they are taken?


Many Thanks-KB

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