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Mastery Path and Badgr

Hi Community,

I am seeking help about mastery path and Badgr. Please see screenshots below. Learners will start with pre course activity. Then they will do a quiz, which is the trigger for mastery path. There are 3 mastery paths set out in different modules, i.e. Flipped Classroom, PBL and H5P (H5P is truncated in the screenshot). At the end of each module, they will get a badge.

Q1: When learners start the course, they will participate in the pre course activity and the do the quiz. At this juncture, they will not see the content of the mastery paths. However, they will still see the module header for all 3 modules (screenshot 2). Is there a way to hide the headers until learners are routed to the module? For this example, I think it fine for learners to see. However if I am going to differentiate the learning via ability (i.e Low, Mid High), I do not wish for learners to see that they are routed to the lower ability. All they need to do is to complete the series of activities.

Q2: In this example, learners will be awarded different badge for each module. Just like the case above (screenshot 2), when they enter the course, they will see the module headers and the 'Claim your badge'. Is it possible to hide this until learners are routed to the module?

Screenshot 1 (Instructor's view)


Screenshot (Learner's view)


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I would just place the link in a Page, and set that page to hide. For example, your PBL module already has a page that is hidden (PBL Content), so just make another page called something like "Claim your PBL Rookie badge" and add that to your mastery path.

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Thank you. That seems like a workable workaround.

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Hi, Wan! I am curious, have you had any success with that demo of yours? I have been trying to do exactly that (apply different badges for different paths assigned by Mastery Paths) but no success so far (explained at the end).

1. About the Module Headers. I don't think you can ever hide that. If you use the Mastery Paths routing to content in separate modules, the separate modules (with their headers) will be visible to student at all times, and their internal content will depend on what Mastery Paths have released.

2. About the Badgr External Tool added to the Modules (the Claim your badge...) is behaving that way because it is an external tool in the Module and that is not a "Mastery Path Conditional Object" (only pages and assignments are). I would just remove that and leave the students to collect their Badge by opening the Badgr Page in the course menu.

But... Apply different badges for different paths assigned by Mastery Paths is not working for me because of a Mastery Paths "behavior". Badgr collects (thru the Canvas API) the info about module completion to award badges right? The thing is, whenever there is a Module that is empty because Mastery Paths have not released any content to it that Module is marked as completed and this behavior totally ruins the Badgr plan.

I'm trying to figure out a way to overcome that. There have to be an item inside that empty Module that would block it from being marked as completed, such as an assignment with a "no submission type" with a grade requirement to complete the item in the module. That would save the students from receiving badges from the route they didn't get. However, in the route they did get, it would make things a lot manual for the teacher, unfortunately, because they would have to visit every single student that took that specific path and give them a grade that pass in the module requirement, completing the module and earning the badge. That is a possible solution.

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Wan, I built a demo implementing two scenarios for Mastery Paths and Badgr.

1. All Paths within a Single Module and because of that only a "generic" badge is awarded to any of the three paths. But in here is a automatic badge award.

2. A demo more similar to your example where Mastery Paths routes to content into different Modules. But because of that Mastery Paths "behavior" I told you previously I implemented the "alternative solution" where I used a "Manual Badge Release" resource for the teacher. I know... manual is not nice, but is something right?! When doing it I realized that this step will not be so hard due to that mini report Mastery Paths shows at the page of the assignment listing what route each student have taken (Mastery Paths Breakdown)!

Mastery Paths and Badgr 01

Mastery Paths and Badgr 02

Mastery Paths and Badgr 03

Mastery Paths and Badgr 000

Mastery Paths and Badgr 001

Here is a video of a student going thru the Silver Path on both scenarios. Note that the teacher had to release the badge for him in the second scenario.


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Hey, Wan! I suddenly had this thought during the weekend and had to come back here once more! I found a way to automatically award a Badge without the teacher intervention!

Remember, Badgr pulls Canvas Modules completion info to automatically award badges. Canvas Modules behavior when using Mastery Paths is to assume a Module is complete if there is no content in it (like a path the student didn't take). Free badges for all on all empty modules will be the result!

So, we've got to have an item in those Modules (that are Paths of MasteryPaths), that will prevent the students to conclude the modules they didn't take automatically. However, this very item must be one that could be completed by a student who did end in that module path. Tricky... we solved this in the second scenario putting a mandatory no submission assignment and the teacher manually releasing badges. But how to make it an automatic process?


A Quiz (not configured as a conditional item in MasteryPaths) is put in each of the Modules that are paths. This Quiz will be the final item of the Module and have the "power" to complete de Module, automatically releasing the Module Badge. But you configure this Quiz to require an access code to open! And the key is stored in a page that is a conditional item in Mastery Paths and will be available only to students who took that specific path! How cool?

Have a look on the 3rd Scenario: Paths in Separate Modules with Automatic Badge Award

Mastery Paths and Badgr 04

Mastery Paths and Badgr 05

Mastery Paths and Badgr 06

Check this video of Peter Parker taking the Silver Path with no teacher intervention for the Badge!

Considerations on the third scenario:

1. The final quiz idea was to be only a badge releaser. It contains 1 question of the type "Text (no question)" and value zero points. The student only have to hit submit. But the Quiz could be anything... a final test of the Module Path that also releases the badge, etc.

2. After all building, etc. was only when I was performing the navigation as student that I saw how weak this automatic process is. Any student could get hold of the Silver Path key "silversurfer" with another student and collect the Silver Badge messing up the whole thing. Smiley Sad

   I can't think on anything stronger. Maybe some sort of teacher moderation will be needed, checking thru Mastery Paths Breakdown for the list of students that are supposed to collect badges in each path or the 2nd scenario may come handy after all!

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