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Mastery Paths Set Up

Hi Canvas Fam, 

I'm working on a course at the moment where I want students to pick their difficulty level Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, then have content unlock based on that.

Mastery Paths lets me do that no problem.  The issue comes from the combination of the next requirements.  I don;t want the student to be punished for being overconfident and end up with content too difficult for them with no easy way back so I've set it up so:

Beginner unlocks Beginner

Intermediate unlocks Beginner and Intermediate

Advanced unlocks Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Again that particular bit works.  But I also want it so they can continue to stretch themselves beyond the level they are at, so I want Beginner to unlock Intermediate and Intermediate to unlock Expert.  Thsi also works however it has an unintended consequence in how the modules look.  If a student selects Advanced then their Module looks like this:


Locked until 'Beginner' is graded


Locked until 'Intermediate' is graded


This will cause confusion for those who have picked advanced and they may feel they have to complete beginner and intermediate as content is locked there, just to find its content they already have access to.  Is there a way around this?  If not do I need to create a new Idea here for Mastery Paths to recognise if an assignment has already been unlocked by another methods and not to state there's locked content if so?



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