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Math Quiz Question Issues - Operations Disappearing

I recently created my first math quiz on Canvas - Algebraic Expressions.  Some students (not all) reported seeing expressions that were missing operators ( x - y  showed up as x   y ).  This made it extremely difficult to evaluate these expressions when given values for the variables.

If this is going to be a recurring issue, then my first quiz will most likely be my last.  Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.  I previewed the quiz a dozen times to troubleshoot prior to assigning it to prevent any issues.

Here is a screen image of the problem:Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 9.26.46 AM.png


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Surveyor II

Could you show the code you used in your question? (Or did you use the MathQuill/Insert Math Equation functionality?)

I used the insert equation function.  Also, I was sure to use the subtraction symbol from the insert equation function instead of the "keyboard" subtraction symbol.

Thanks for commenting.

Surveyor II

That is strange. Other details that might help: Was this a "formula" question? Or just a standard numerical answer question?

I have had some issues with another math display issue (using another technology: MathJax), but I have not seen the issue you are describing. The only thing I can think of regarding troubleshooting this is to try previewing the quiz in different browsers. When I have had issues, using different browsers didn't show any difference, but you never know.

I made it a numerical answer question.

I thought about the browser thing.  I asked the kids and didn't get a consistent answer as to those who had the issue (some who used Chrome reported experiencing the subtraction symbol "disappear" and still others who used Chrome had no problems).

The other odd thing was it seemed to only be the subtraction symbol.

The worst part was this was my first quiz I ever attempted!  Makes me a little hesitant to dip the toes in the water again.