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Math, Science, or Foreign Language Ideas for Canvas!

Hi! I'm an English teacher at a small Project Based Learning school in North Carolina, and I'm trying to provide support to my Math, Science, and Foreign Language colleagues who are struggling to use Canvas in meaningful and unique ways in their classrooms. Do any Math, Science, or Foreign Language teachers have any ideas about ways you've used Canvas in your class to help teach your subject? For example, I learned recently that you can add media content to a quiz, so a foreign language teacher can record their own voice for a short answer question and students have to write what the teacher is saying. I'm looking for more ideas like this!

Thank you!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @cconnor , have you taken a look at the Teaching Math in Canvas​ group? It's a great resource with lots of ideas and information. In addition, it's more than just for math, it's more for any Instructor who uses Math in their courses (so Chemistry, Physics, as well as straight Mathematics).

In addition, because there is no right/wrong answer for this, I'm switching it over to a discussion so we can continue the conversation!