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Maths in Chat?

We have migrated from Sakai, and the one feature I miss is Mathematics in ChatRoom. I would interact with students using Mathematics (MathJax), so that I could reply with simple RG-58 is 50\(\Omega\) line, but also hairy Maxwell stuff \(\nabla\times\underset{sim}{E}\) stuff, directly in the Chat Room.

This was extremely useful in an Electromagnetics course. 

Is there any chance of this being a feature-request: to simply implement MathJax all over Canvas?

(I note that I cannot actually show the maths in the Question Forum itself 😞

Greetings from a hot-and-sunny South Africa 🙂

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If by "question forum", you are referring to the discussion board. then you can,

You can use insert -> Equation to insert the math formula or if you are fluent in LaTex, you can choose advanced to type those in.

Thanks, but "Question Forum" is this Forum, and "Discussions" can have Maths.

The question was about *chat*.