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McGraw-Hill/Canvas Integration - Grade Pass Backs

All, we have recently added many of MH tools to our Canvas courses (Connect, etc).  My question is does anyone have experience ensuring engagement in these tools pass back to the gradebook in real time.  Our MH rep is telling us they do not have this ability?? We are an attendance bearing institution so our goal is to track real time student activity in MH products.

Thanks for any insights...

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Lynn,

Unfortunately my personal experience working with McGraw-Hill provided content is over a decade out of date at this point.  However in reading other posts in the community it sounds like there is a process for synching your Connect grades back to the Canvas gradebook.  It also sounds like the process can be finicky and it isn't well known by the company's reps.  I hope this is helpful  Smiley Happy 

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