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Medical School LMS Migration form BbLearn to Canvas


I am tasked with leading the migration of courses from Blackboard to Canvas and would like to pick the community's brain on any tips and tricks and best practices to this process. From reading the info here on the site it seems like it will be a massive undertaking. If there is anyone who have recently done this and have any ideas, I would love to hear them. Thanks!

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Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @alegister1 , and welcome to the Canvas Community! We have plenty of Bb-to-Canvas veterans here, and I know that some will soon weigh in with advice. I'm going to start you off with one of my favorite, albeit oddly-named, resources:‌   Also, consider joining the‌ group to interact with users there. To join a group, click on the link to the group and select Join Group from the Actions menu that appears at the upper right of the group home page.

Last, we've got a‌ series coming up expressly for medical schools! Check out‌,‌, and‌.

Welcome to the Canvas Community, alegisteror  @alegister1 . One of those panda accounts must be you. We migrated from Bb to Canvas a few years ago and then we migrated from a Canvas server under a larger institution to our own Canvas server. Glad to help out with questions if I can.




We just completed our migration this summer with our first batch of students fully in Canvas in July. The process up until that point is such a blur I'm not sure it would be helpful at all to you BUT I did snoop around during the transition to see how other schools handled it. Communication was a HUGE issue so seeing how others communicated changes helped a lot. I wish I had taken better inventory of features we used in Blackboard vs Canvas in terms of functionality. Something like this page or this. There were things that function a little different and the "but it used to do this" that has caused some frustration but overall it was a major step up and faculty are on board and already looking at ways to improve their courses with the new tools. Good luck! I'm happy to be a sounding board for ideas and offer any insight I can. It has been an experience for sure.