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Meeting Options not available on Microsoft Teams

I am working through KCS Connect 101 5.4 "How to Start a Team Meeting". The "task" was to make an assignment and link to microsoft teams.  From the video on How to start a microsoft meeting, the presenter shows us how to set up the meeting with "meeting options" which we, as the "owner" of the meeting should have. There are no such meeting options, nor are there ways to set up parameters for the meeting in order to make sure only the owner has controls like muting all, being the only presenter, etc. Why do we not have those capabilities even though there is an entire video about it? Thanks 🙂 

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Lamplighter Welcome to the Canvas Community!

I suggest you contact the organizer or facilitator of the KCS Connect 101 5.4 to ask your questions, as the members of this global forum won't be familiar with that course or project or the assignments within it. Microsoft Teams is a free trial in Canvas, and Microsoft manages the user documentation and support for their product. 

Please come back to our Q & A‌ space whenever you want to ask a question about using Canvas features!

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