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Message Students Who - questionable subject line

We've had instructors question the default subject lines when using "Message Students Who . . ." in the Gradebook.  By default, students get a message saying "Scored Less than 50 on Exam 1" for example.  Yes, it is editable before being sent, but the subject line should not be sending score information through email.  Anyone else had push back from students/faculty on that? 

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The message does not necessarily go to email. Certainly, it goes to the Canvas inbox, but that exists inside of Canvas along with the student's grades anyway. The message would only be sent to email if the student chose to receive email notifications. If the student does not wish to receive notifications through email, the student can turn them off, choose a different email address, or another notification method.

In the four-years I have used Canvas, not one of my students has complained about the auto subject lines from "message Students Who". In contrast, many students have thanked me for noticing that they are struggling and offering a plan on how to move forward for the next exam.

YMMV, but I hope that helps, JoLaine.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Ditto for us. We've been using Canvas for 3-4 years and I've never had a student or Instructor complain about this; all that have mentioned it were grateful to have it. I will say that when I personally use this feature as a teacher I almost always change it to something a little less in your face, but that's my personal preference.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I also have always changed that line so that it doesn't say the actual score.  But I would say that it shouldn't really be an issue since it's an internal messaging system and other students are not copied.  If anything, the nomenclature might help the student(s) to not feel singled out.