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Message Upon Assignment Submission

I am wanting to have a message pop up (or something similar) once a student submits an assignment.  So, in order to see this message (in my case a link to a key) they will have to submit their assignment.  Is there a way to make this happen?  

I have read other (dozens) of posts regarding making keys available after an assignment is submitted using the "Requirements" option within the Modules.  This won't work because I don't need students to complete an entire module before viewing the key.  It also doesn't work because we are Hybrid.  e.g. Group A works on an assignment at school on Monday while Group B is working on an Independent Assignment at home on Monday.  Then Tuesday Group B would work on Monday's Group A assignment and vice versa. So, I can't require assignments to be submitted/completed in order.

I tried to do a "Face-to-Face" Module and a "Virtual" Module and then link the key (a file with a prerequisite that the assignment had to be submitted) within the assignment, but when I was in "Student View" I was able to view the key without submitting the assignment.  So, I assume that won't work?


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@conlouq  Your face-to-face and virtual modules should work, but you will either need to require each of those modules to be completed in order, or follow up after each with a module just for the key.  If you have tested the submission process with your test student, you may need to click "reset test student" to start over.

Also consider the permissions for the file you use.  Set it to "only available to students with a link" if you are using an actual file saved in the files section.  It will show the red eye that suggests the file is not available in your modules, but that will ensure that students do not have another way to get to the file. 

If you provide the key in a canvas page, you will need to make sure the pages tab is hidden from students (go to course settings navigation, drag it to the bottom half of the page, and click save.)  It will still be available to you, but students will only access course pages through the module you add them to.


Alternatively, you might try using a quiz for the assignment submission, and programming the key into the automatic feedback.  Then you would not need to worry about module rules to control the key, but you might want to explore the grading experience depending on the submission type.