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Microsoft Teams & Classnotebook

We've heard microsoft is going to be replacing the class notebook with the Microsoft Teams notebook. Is there any ms teams integration inside Canvas besides the video/chat feature? Are there any future plans for this?

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

It is great that you have heard this news. It is difficult to get any detailed information about what a possible Teams and Canvas integration might look like or when it will happen.

I am hoping that this will also positively impact on the Office365 integration which needs developing further.

There is a good thread here where people are posting Teams integration related stuff - Microsoft Teams and Canvas... and perhaps you could add the comment there to encourage more people to respond..


Thanks for this

Had a look through it and whilst there are a range of impressive updated I could not see one specific to Canvas. That said, there was this snippet about another LMS:

D2L’s Brightspace Course Connector
D2L's Brightspace is a learning management system for K12 and higher education teaching. With the D2L Brightspace Course Connector for Microsoft Teams, educators will be able to sync rosters, create private channels for course sections and link back to their course homepage through a tab in Microsoft Teams.



Their development of api tools offers hope. Maybe we all need to email Microsoft Education. 


Yes you are right, was reading from a user standpoint :O( 

Was told that something was going to happen Q3 (Sept) but COVID-19 had caused delays. Believe this to be a Microsoft led integration so perhaps contacting them would shed more light on matters?


Article about the BrightSpace integration - Brightspace Now Integrates with Microsoft Teams | Press Release | D2L - wonder if this is how it will be in Canvas?