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Missing Work can't be Accessed

I have a student who has missing assignments. They do not show in his To-Do list. When he clicks on Grades, the assignment shows up in the list and says missing. If he clicks on the name of the missing assignment, it takes him to a Submission details page but says "No Preview Available" and does not allow him to complete the missing assignment. Any idea how to fix this so he (along with others) can always see any missing work and easily complete. Thanks!

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The to-do list should not be the primary point of access for students to access assignments.  You can adjust the course navigation using course settings>navigation.

The list that will display shows everything that can possibly be included in the left-side menu.  Click and drag the items you want to have displayed into the top half of the list (in the order you want them displayed) and then click save at the very bottom of the list.

I use modules for this purpose to reduce confusion for students.  You can put absolutely everything a student needs in order in the module, and students should be able to access it there. 

It is also possible to add the same assignment and quiz tabs that you use to create assignments to the tabs that students see.  However, I find that this confuses students when they have to look in more than one place for activities.  I keep those hidden and just display everything to them in modules

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