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Missing assigments

Course CHC33015. Course number 249196-1. Certificate III in Individual support.

2 questions related to CHCLEG001 Work legally and ethically CHCCOM005 Communicate and work in health or community services,

1. What could make marked assignments to disappear from the to do list between yesterday and today. The assignments that were marked yesterday and some had been marked incomplete due to resubmits were not there this morning. I had to reset the opening date thru edit to get them back. This morning I did extend 4 students in the same unit but I only applied it to the 4 could that have been the cause. But I have done this before without an issue. So still wondering.

2.. I was contacted by students this morning concerned that they could no longer see their submitted Task 3 for the above units, which had not been marked. when I checked I could not find them. After searching in and out of Canvas I found them all in word docs in our One drive in a separate folder. How could this have happened and how can I prevent it occurring again?


Matt Anderson

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