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Missing file attachment on discussion board reply

Hi, last semester, students were able to use the discussion board to attach a file concept map and then look at other uploaded concept maps to make comments. This semester the link it missing. Is this a glitch or on purpose? Will it return?

Thank you

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You may need to enable it.  Here is a quick resource

305768_Allowing file attachments for discussions for students.gif

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello Welcome to the Canvas Community.  Thank you for posting your question.  The animation that has provided is also covered in this Guide: How do I allow students to attach files to a course discussion?.  In addition to Dave's response, you can also toggle file attachments for discussion topics on/off via your course "Settings" screen.  Please check out How do I set details for a course?, and scroll to the "View More Options" section near the bottom of this Guide.  You'll see a check-box for "Let students attach files to discussions".  You'd need to turn this on for every course that you wanted students to have this ability.

I hope this helps, Barbara.