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Mixed/Combined Category Weighting

I have three assignment categories:

  1. Projects
  2. Practice Activities
  3. Studio Performance

My course grading scheme is set up in PowerSchool as such:

25% Studio Performance

75% "Total Points" of both Practice Activities and Projects combined

My grades passback from Canvas into PowerSchool correctly, so I don't want to change the categories, but is there any way to set up the category weights in Canvas so that students' total grades will be displayed correctly within Canvas?

[edited for clarity, I hope]

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I'm curious why you don't make your Canvas categories the same as Powerschool? Otherwise, you'd need to split the 75% allotted in Powerschool for Practice + Projects out somehow into the Canvas categories. 

On the Assignments page, click on the three-dot menu in the top right. Then, click on Assignment Groups Weight to enable to aset your percentages.


Just to clarify:

My assignment categories in both Canvas and Powerschool are:

  1. Projects
  2. Practice Activities
  3. Studio Performance

But the weighting is such that student's final grade is 25% Studio Performance, and the rest is "total points" which comprise the other 75% of their grade.

Ah, I see. I forgot that you can have a mixed calculation in Powerschool (which we also use).

As far as replicating in Canvas, I don't think you can do that easily...I would pick one of those categories and weigh it at 75%. Add all assignments into one and the calculated grade stays the same. Since it's total points for the categories in Powerschool, tagging is mainly for sorting and not calculating.


In the future, you might do better in Canvas to create only two categories.

* Projects + Practice (75%)

* Studio Performance (25%)

As needed, to distinguish assignments in the first category, title the assignment with a suitable prefix. By example

--> Project: Create a Report

--> Practice: Calculate these Values