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Surveyor II

Modules w/ prereqs not locked on Android app

I've st up several Modules using the web mode, and added a prereq - stus must complete the first module before getting to access any other modules. HOWEVER in the Android mobile app, they're all open with no pre-reqs. How do we fix this?

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Adventurer III

Hello  @eschmidt29 ,

This might be an issue support is not aware of, best option would be to submit a ticket to support.

Have a great day.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @eschmidt ‌, 

I just tested this on my Android testing device with the latest version of the Android app and the items are locked. They aren't greyed out, like the web, but when I tap on an item I am told that I need to complete a pre-requisite to be able to view this content. Is this happening to all Android users or just one or a few? Maybe you can attach a screenshot of the issue so I can further. Either way, if you are still having the issue, you should put in a ticket with Canvas or you local tech support. Thanks. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @eschmidt ‌,

Just checking in again to see if you were able to figure out this issue. Let us know if we can help.