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Adventurer II

More External Tools Dropdown Not Loading Features in Pages

Have had a problem over the last week with the More External Tools Dropdown feature in pages. Contacted Support who said that no-one else mentioning it and to check firewall etc.

Checked firewall and tried in different locations and it is still happening.

You click on an item in the dropdown menu in Pages and it opens fine:




Then you go back to it perhaps later in the session and for no apparent reason, it does not work and you get the scroll of doom:



There is no consistency to the issue. Some open, some dont....

Has anyone experienced similar?

By the way, there seem to be no problems accessing the same External Tool from Modules, even when it is not working in pages:


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Adventurer II

Thankfully another school has also said they have this problem but with Google integration.


I have sent this to Canvas and now being looked at by engineers. The workaround suggested is to open and close it. Unfortunately this takes between 3 and 5 attempts for the LTI.

Still waiting for an explanation why it happens and resolution...

We are building some custom LTI tools here at MIT and are experiencing similar issues. Eager to hear what's causing this issue.

I will contact Support tomorrow morning to find out where they are with this case and update the Q&A

Adventurer II

I have been told today that the problem has been fixed. Having waited for nearly a month for a resolution to an issue that resulted in much negative impact, particularly for training purposes, I have also asked how it occurred in the first place and what was done to put it right.

We convinced ourselves that the issue had to do with Browser changes. Here is something I wrote in an internal document. Not sure it helps much. I think LTI tools got caught in an uncomfortable place while everyone was waiting to see how these Browser changes would interrupt services.

Same-Site Cookie Bug for Chrome and Safari

This is the best short text on the issue: link. Basically, browser requirements for cookies are changing. It’s likely best for us to wait until others (like Canvas) implement fixes for this type of issue.