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Moving questions between question banks


I've imported a long quiz from Blackboard.  Aside from the fact that only about 50% of the content successfully imported (I'll ask about that in another discussion), it put all my questions (which had been sorted into many subject banks) into one large new bank.  Assuming I have re-created my many subject banks, how can I move questions from this large new, unsorted bank into my new banks?


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I actually found the simplest thing to do was:

1) In Blackboard, create a new test

2) make the test content consist of one complete question pool

3) export the test as QIT file

4) compress the saved xml file (Canvas needs it to be a .zip file)

5) import the test as new content (directions found elsewhere).

For some reason this created BOTH a new question bank and a new quiz.  I don't understand that.

It is also very difficult to go to a course's test bank directly (why is that exactly?).  To do this, I have to create a NEW QUIZ, go to the "Questions" tab, and then select "Find Questions".  Very convoluted.  If there is a simpler way to go directly to the test bank, I'd sure like to know it.



Community Coach
Community Coach

To access your question banks click on Quizzes (from the left navigation bar in your course), then click on the gear icon (upper right side of page) and select "Question Banks."

Hope this helps!

Thank you.

I understand why it created a quiz in addition to a bank.  It was exported in Blackboard as a test, so it created a quiz.  I suppose that makes sense.