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Multi-Announcement and Multi-Assignment

How can I post an announcement to all courses or post an assignment to all courses rather than having to copy it over or import for every course? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning, @fusonk ...

Unfortunately, there is nothing built-in to Canvas that allows you to post an announcement or an assignment to your course and have it automatically post to all other relevant courses.  You would need to import these pieces from one course to another.

There is a possible work-around...if you have Canvas Commons.  Essentially, it would involve sharing an assignment to Canvas Commons and then importing that assignment from Commons to each course.  Then, if you have any changes to make to that assignment, you make the changes in the original assignment, and then you tell Commons to update all the "linked" courses.  It's sort of an "update once, distribute to many" concept.  But, I'm not sure if that would totally meet your needs or not.

I hope this will help in some way.  Take care, stay safe, and be well.


Hi there, 

First of all, thank you! Second, what a bummer! I was hoping it was my limited Canvas expertise and there was a quick fix! The ability to post to multiple courses is arguably the feature I miss most about Google Classroom! The suggested solution is helpful so I will give that a try! 


Thank you! 


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