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Multi Grade Level / Content Projects

We are designing a global microschool to begin Fall 2021. It will be project-based, competency using attached outcomes for feedback, multi-teacher (5), multi-content (30 ish credit bearing courses), and multi-grade (9-12). We know that we will need to create a Canvas Projects course where students will self-enroll to deploy and interact with the content for projects. Students will also have their individual courses that are created through their schedule in PowerSchool.

Our goal is to connect outcomes to all submitted work (project and course bound). We will use "not included in learning mastery" for formative / practice submissions, but want the students to see their progress based on the learning progressions using the language they will see for performance submissions. For the performance (summative) work we will score towards mastery and have Canvas set to record the highest score to meet proficiency.

Is there any way, other than kids exiting the projects course and submitting into their multiple courses to articulate progress towards the outcomes? If we try to submit and score submissions in the project Canvas and attach all of our outcomes, I believe every kid will see all outcomes listed ... for instance, kids have one ELA course but they would see all of the project outcomes for ELA 9, 10, 11, 12, and AP Lang...and the teacher would have to mark the correct outcome for each individual student, which would make a ton of scrolling in SpeedGrader.

I'm looking for the most efficient workflow for both teachers and students. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. If you are working with a microschool, I'd love to pick your brain to see what you know that we haven't even discovered yet.


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