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Music feedback activity?

Hi guys, I am creating a music course on CANVAS. I want my students to be able to upload their song and then people visibly feedback on it. Not a hidden away peer-review but, rather, as a feature. I have attached a screenshots of an example I have seen on ( I don't know which VLE they use) Would appreciate any help! Best, Andrew.   Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 13.36.10.png

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Community Coach
Community Coach


How about making it a discussion?  Students can post their music either as a link or embed from another hosting site, or uploading it to Canvas within the RCE

Since it's a discussion, everyone in the course will be able to view/listen to what was posted and provide feedback in replies if desired.  

I often suggest the Canvas Discussion tool as a means to let students share thing with the entire class.  It doesn't really need to be a "discussion" but I think it's the best tool  for them to share to the class, with or without replies.