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My quiz is only showing 19 questions but I entered 20. Where did the last question go?

I've entered 20 questions to be answered by the students for quiz 1 in canvas. Only 19 questions are showing up on the quiz and the point value in the grade book is 19. Why? Where did my 20 question go, I entered the same as the other 19? The same thing has happened on all 5 of my quizzes; each quiz has 20 questions and one has been deleted by canvas.  Any suggestions on how to fix this? 

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Are you positive that the question was deleted as opposed to it not being saved in the first place?

A common problem is that people click "Save" on that last question before they click "Update." This is a known issue that was resolved with New Quizzes, but Canvas is no longer developing Classic Quizzes and has a timeline for deprecating them. Canvas Quiz: Updating vs. Saving 

The way to fix it is to go through and re-add that last question, making sure you click update for the question before you save the quiz.

If we're lucky, no students have taken the quiz yet.