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Native and storyline interactions and video through mobile player

Hi everyone, first time poster. I need to do two things that will dsiplay on tablets:

  • Embed a video in a page
  • Embed a click reveal interaction in a page.

There seems to be several ways I could go, each with their pros and cons:

HP5 external site – Allows you to create interactive content an display it inside a iframe in CANVAS

  • Pro – Range of interactions that canvas doesn’t have internally
  • Con – Content stored on a third party site, which carries risks (unexpected downtime, costs etc)


Use native Canvas interactions like accordion/tabs

  • Pro – Content all in Canvas and under your control
  • Con – When you switch between tabs, media from previous tab keeps playing (bug?)


Use storyline and import

  • Pro – If you buy a storyline licence you can control all the content/create new content
  • Con – Can’t use the Canvas mobile app because it wont play storyline courses that are imported. Canvas does not support mobile browsers, so only some features work.

Possible solution

  • Pro - host storyline content on your web server and link to it. Then it will open in browser from canvas app.
  • Con - User may get confused because they will have to close browser and return to app.

Can anyone please recommend a solution? I need an interaction type where you click a part of an image and it displays a pop over/up that includes rich media. It has to work on tablets. I also need other page types that include video that also have to work on tablets.

Thanks for any help in advance:)

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Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @david9  Welcome  to Canvas and the Canvas Community! Because your question has so many moving parts, and can't by its nature elicit a single correct response, I've changed its format to a discussion. I've also shared it with the and‌ groups whose members undoubtedly have experience with the kinds of issues with which you're currently grappling. You will be able to see replies here posted by members of those groups as well as participants in the Find Answers space, but if you'd like to join one or both groups, click on the link to the group and select Join Group from the Actions dropdown at the upper right of the page.

Community Member

Hi David Have you heard about Adapt Authoring tool + Adapt framework? It's could be solved some of your problems.