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Navigating to the Module you are currently working in

Is there a way to navigate back to the module you are working in from within an assignment? I know you can click Module from the navigation bar but that takes you back to the top of the page-

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This functionality does not currently exist. There are Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of each item that is inside a module, but there is not an easy way to return to a specific module within the home page.

There is a related feature idea open to use the module name in the breadcrumb: 

One thing that individuals can do (the instructor cannot force this for the students) is to minimize all of the previous modules except for the one that is currently in use. When you do this, Canvas scrolls to the first expanded module. I personally dislike this about Canvas as I lose the course navigation menu with it does this, so I always leave a short module at the top that I can leave open when I create my courses.

I did say "not easy" not "impossible." One way that you could accomplish this is to go into the assignment or content page and add a link back to the home page with a fragment referring to the module id.

For example, if my homepage has a pathname of /courses/896851 and current module ID is 2743957, then I could create a link to /courses/896851#module_2743957

This is an advanced technique that can involve using the browser's developer tools to inspect the HTML on the modules page to get the modules ID. It is cumbersome and becomes problematic if content is used in more than one module. It also becomes a much larger problem if you want to copy the content from one term to another as the course and module ID changes and so all of the links will break and you would have to edit the links for each assignment for each course.

I would not recommend this approach, but let students use the previous and next buttons instead. Most of the time, they don't want to go to the module itself or they are using the mobile apps where they can just hit the back link to get back to the current module. Alternatively, if you teach them to use the modules page, then it stays open on the left side while they do their other business on the right side of the app and so they are in the current module.