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Nearpod Troubleshooting ?

I am having an issue being able to update a Nearpod link on a module.  Any ideas when it flashes that the link needs to be updated, but will not let you edit the assignment because it flashes back to the module list?  This screen literally lasts for 2 seconds; I had to try 3 times for a screenshot.

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Any updates on this? I am having the exact same issue. 


In order to edit the item in the module, you need to go to your assignment window, then click on the three dots and select edit. From there you need to select the button that says more options (seen in image attached) and it should take you to the editing window. From here you can re-link to your Nearpod (using the external tool steps) so that it functions (aka you can select it from your modules). Took me a few go arounds to figure this out!