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Need details on daily access by students, not combined totals.

I am Yvette Hawley ( from Cascades Job Corps College & Career Academy. I am required to report my student's activity on Canvas to my managers, but though Canvas has an Access Report for student activities, it does NOT read like an activity log at all!  It keeps grouping together visits, such as how many times a student went to a page, and does not keep the ongoing list visible of each and every time they were at that page visible. Grouping together totals is useless to me.

For example, if a student logs in on Monday, let's say, and goes to Announcements, I can see they went to that page on THAT DAY if I look at the Access Report THAT DAY - and the Access Report will say the students visited Announcements 1 time. If the student does the same thing the next day, Tuesday, and I look at their Access Report on Tuesday, all the information saying they accessed Announcements on Monday is GONE! For Tuesday, it says they visited Announcements now a total of 2 times. It is simply adding up how many times a page was accessed and the tracking of which days/times they visited the page disappears into a total on the last day they were there. This information is not suitable for my needs, and I need help to know how to see exactly what pages a student visits each and every day!  Thank you for helping me with this matter, Yvette.


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