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Need to turn off Calendar, please help!

Y'all, I need help getting rid of the obnoxious calendar feature on Canvas. It's driving me crazy. I have hidden from my students everything that could possibly feed into the calendar and still it persists at finding incorrect due dates for assignments and confusing students. The only help I can find on this topic is a post from 2017 that asks how to turn off the calendar and the answer was "You can't." Please tell me this is not true. I need to be able to enter assignments into Canvas for my own purposes and not get nervous that they are going to mysteriously show up on my student's calendar. I've hidden the "assignments" category and I do not "publish" assignments until after they are graded so the students have access to the grades. Help! I want students to read the due dates on their syllabus and follow that like big girls and boys. I want them to take personal responsibility and not rely on me to enter things into their calendar for them. No thank you!

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Surveyor II

I agree - an option for designers and instructors to choose whether or not they want activities listed in the Calendar, To-do, and Syllabus Course Summary section to be hyperlinked? Could we explore adding this option so WE CAN CHOOSE on our end whether hyperlinks in these places are useful or not in a particular course or program?