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New Analytics / Old Analytics Parity?

Aside from New Analytics no longer providing 'stoplight' styled dashboards and merging what was once course, students and analytics beta into one new tool, I am curious as to changed functionality between old and new. Specifically, has anyone found a way in New Analytics to replicate the Student Analytics-View Submissions feature?  In the old version of Student Analytics an instructor could not only see a dashboard that allowed insight into not just whether an assignment was on time, late or missing but by how much it was turned in early, if it was, or late if it was late. 

Old Student Submission

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Hi, I'll be posting a blog about this topic shortly. Regarding Submission Dates, we are adding a column in the Student View table next to Due Date which will help give context to the assignment status.

Best, Katrina


Hi Melissa Falldin,

I just found the document today: New vs. Old Analytics 

Cheers - Shar

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