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New Gradebook sort by due date problem

The old problem of the gradebook not sorting correctly has returned.

We're seeing that when you sort by due date, it seems Canvas is looking at the string value rather than the date itself. For instance, a due date of 10/1 is sorted behind 9/30 when sorted newest >> oldest by due date.


I know the title has the date in it, but I confirmed with staff that their due dates are also set correctly. I'm going to send it to our CSM, but I wanted to see if others have seen this issue and if you've come up with a fix.


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mine are set to "oldest to newest" and seem to alternate between september and october dates at random


Yes, this is definitely broken. 

Also, we have half-quarter classes (CTE classes). I cannot unpublish assignments that the previous half-quarter section used, since there's already submissions. Therefore, I thought I could at least move them all left or right. Boo. 

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@bbennett2 Have you received any updates from your CSM after reporting this? We are experiencing the same issue.




Several of my instructors have brought this to my attention and I guess I will have to submit this to our CSM.   One little work around is use a number at the beginning of the assignment name.  The default order then seems to place in in the order of the numbers.

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Have you made any headway with this? we are experiencing the same.

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According to Canvas, if you have differentiated due dates, the gradebook is unable to sort by due dates and I believe defaults to sorting alphabetically. 


I am having the same issue. I gave different sections their own discussions for a topic, and now those are permanently glued to the front of my gradebook. I triple checked and they were all due on the same day, so I don't know how to fix it.