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New Quiz - Import/Copy

I am trying to import an exam created with New Quizzes from another course. Any quiz/exam created with this tool cannot be exported/imported individualls as a QTI file like Classic Quizzes could. So, I've tried importing the entire course from which I want to copy the exam and only select the content for the New Quiz exam during the import. (New Quizzes show up under Assignments, not Quizzes, in the Select Content import function.)

Good so far . . . however, when I clicked into the copy of the exam that supposedly imported into my other course, all I get is a blank screen with a spinning blue circle with "Copying assignment." This has been going on for over 45 minutes, and the exam wasn't more than 50 multiple choice quesitons. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? Is there a better way to copy a New Quiz from one course to another? Is it even possible?

While New Quizzes has some nice question types and a good student user interface, the New Quizzes tool is NOT an upgrade for instructional designers who are working behind the scenes to try and make them work.

  • You cannot easily migrate quizzes from Classic that use question banks. To migrate, the banks first need to be built as a Classic quiz using all the questions in an existing Classic bank (one for each bank). Then the "bank" needs to be exported as a Classic Quiz (QTI file - one at a time for each bank). A New Quiz needs to then be created in order to import the question banks as item banks in New, then build out the New quiz with item banks . . . . it is a labor intensive nightmare.
  • New Quizzes do not work with Respondus, leaving no other option than to either build it out every question manually  or using the magical migration process noted above.   
  • Item banks are tied to accounts rather than to courses, so any item bank work I do as an instructional designer needs to be shared with the specific faculty (each bank shared - but they are still only shared, not owned by the faculty) or I need to work signed in as the faculty so that they can "own" the item banks in their courses. What happens when a course with a New Quiz built with item banks is copied and a different instructor teaches it . . . does it automatically copy the items banks to this new instructor? I have no idea. 
  • I've heard that the New Quizzes timer overrides the available until date -- is this correct? So if the student starts the quiz late, they will still get the allotted time regardless of when the "until" date is set -- it does not auto submit when the "until" date has passed.
  • I've also heard that even though a timer is set, students can exit the quiz (timer stops) and resume the quiz (timer starts again) as many times as they want. This means by simply exiting and resuming the quiz multiple times, students can extend their time to take the quiz as it only counts down when actually signed in. Is this correct? (Though I would assume that if they tried to resume the quiz after the "until" date has passed, they would be stuck with an uncompleted quiz.)

Am I missing something about New Quizzes that makes it an effective tool for course building and maintenance? I'd love to hear some pros, because the cons seems to be stacking up.

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THis is also happening to a teacher at my school - I'm the Canvas admin. Have you found a solution to this?


I've not yet come up with a solution, so we opted to rebuild the exam. This solution was not ideal, but we didn't have time to wait as exams are happening this week.