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New Quiz Question Not Showing up in Question Bank

In creating a quiz, I opted to discard a question and add a different question type in its place. Then I wanted to replicate the new question. The original question was in the question bank generated for the quiz, but the new question never showed up. I eventually had to export and then import the quiz to generate a new question bank with the question I wanted to replicate.

The original question type was Multiple Answers; the new question type was Multiple Dropdowns. Since I had 20 possible answers for one of the answer choices, I did not want to create the question again.

Based on this experience I have two questions:

  1. Why did the new question I created not show up in the question bank?
  2. Why does Canvas not allow for copying a question in the quiz editor as they do in the question bank?
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Hi  @dhamerly ,

Just to clarify, after saving the quiz does the question not show in an "Unfiled Questions" question bank? If so, you could move it over to the bank that contains all of the quiz questions.

Regarding your other question, this sounds like an excellent feature request. I'd vote it up if you put one in. If you've never done this before, click "Ideas" in the menu at the top of the community page, then "Feature Ideas" on the subsequent page.

Thanks, Brian, I did submit the "copy question" feature request to Ideas.

As to the question bank issue, yes, the new question I created did not show up in unfiled questions even after saving and refreshing. Sounds like a glitch, so I wanted to know if its a known glitch.

Yeah Don, this sounds like a glitch. You could submit a ticket to see what they say. I don't know the frequency of when the unfiled questions bank is updated during the quiz creation process.

Thanks, Brian. I did submit a help case this morning.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Very good! Please let us know what they have to say about the issue.

Will do.

 @dhamerly , do you have an update on your support ticket? It seems that another community member is experiencing the same problem.

I do not.

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Community Coach

 @dhamerly ​, checking in again to see if you ever heard back from support about this.