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New Quiz Question Not Showing up in Question Bank

In creating a quiz, I opted to discard a question and add a different question type in its place. Then I wanted to replicate the new question. The original question was in the question bank generated for the quiz, but the new question never showed up. I eventually had to export and then import the quiz to generate a new question bank with the question I wanted to replicate.

The original question type was Multiple Answers; the new question type was Multiple Dropdowns. Since I had 20 possible answers for one of the answer choices, I did not want to create the question again.

Based on this experience I have two questions:

  1. Why did the new question I created not show up in the question bank?
  2. Why does Canvas not allow for copying a question in the quiz editor as they do in the question bank?
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Do you have a case number you can share. (You can also private message me if that is better).  I'll be in the office this afternoon and can make a few in person inquiries on your behalf.

This thread is marked "Assumed Answered," but I can't find an answer, and this glitch is happening to me on a regular basis. I am checking unfiled questions, but my new questions aren't there. I even tried unpublishing the quiz and publishing it again to see if that would push the changes. If there is a solution to this or a better way to copy a question, please let me know. 

To clarify, I am revising old matching questions I used in Blackboard to make them individual multiple choice questions (due to the partial credit issue with matching questions), and I am trying to avoid having to retype (or individually copy and paste) all of those choices. It's a bit tedious. 


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Any update on this? This is a frequent problem for me. Like Don, I often edit or create new questions in a quiz, and then I want to duplicate that question, or add it to another course. So I go to the question bank, but the new questions aren't there. They aren't in the unfiled question bank, either. Is there a workaround? Are the questions someone I haven't looked, or is the question bank just not updating?

I have this happen all of the time. It's very frustrating.

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I'm curious if there has been a resolution to this?

I've edited multiple questions in quizzes that now do not show up in the Unfiled Questions bank.

Here's the scenario:

Edit questions, either change them from multiple choice to matching, or something similar.

Save the quiz. Refresh. Log out.

Come back to the Canvas shell and the questions in the quiz have saved, but do not appear in the unfiled questions bank.

Thanks for any information or fixes.

I just experienced this myself. I'm hoping for a solution, however, the original post was about four years ago so I'm not really expecting much.