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Surveyor II

New Quiz Question type website url

I use desmos a lot as a visual tool for teaching basic math skills for students who have not mastered them by high school.  Since the process of getting an answer is equally important as the answer, I really want students to submit the url of their work for each question.  However, I don't see that as a question type supported in either classic quizzes or new quizzes.

Currently, I have created essay questions and students paste in the url of their work.  This is cumbersome to grade as a single assignment can have 10 url uploads.  I know when there is single url for an assignment, I can view in speedgrader.  While this may not be possible in a quiz, I would still like to force their submissions to be a webiste url, and not other text data.

Does someone have work around other than the essay?  Screen shot is not an option as their work may not all be visible and I want to be able to interact with what they submit.

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Why don't you use the file attachment question directly? It allows the students to attach their files directly to answer their question, both formats support file attachment answers.

Surveyor II

url's are NOT files.  I do not want to open a file to then follow a weblink.  They are not submitting anything that is a file. 

desmos is an on-line calculator that allows students to show their steps as they solve equations.  My students are at-risk kids who need a simple interface or I loose them entirely.  They have traditionally made mistakes when doing work on paper.  The visual calculator, while it solves the problem, in some ways does too much.  I'm using the graphing calculator to scaffold their learning and I NEED to see their steps to make sure they are correcting their own mistakes to arrive at the answer they already know.  At this point, they need errorless math to progress to higher math since the variable solving skills were never mastered and are blocking all effective learning to graduate from high school with math credits.