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Surveyor II

New Quizzes Import Format

Can questions be formatted in a certain way to import them into a quiz and/or question bank?

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Adventurer III

Yes, to import question banks, you need QTI 1.20 or 2.0 and above to be able to compatible with item bank.

Regular classic quiz without link to question bank can be migrated into new quiz format. 


Thank you @langlangcat

Is there a tool I can use to format questions in QTI? Only to make it easier to add questions to Canvas, and not have to deal with the painful copy/paste.

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I use Respondus 4 but the version it generates is 1.1.3, you need to upload it to Canvas and follow the same way of downloading question bank in classic quiz to recreate a New Quiz Compatible QTI, it is tedious but works. 

For free version, you may want to give this one a try.

I have not used it for some time.  and then convert the CSV to QTI, there are a some free converters online. Make sure the generated QTI is above 1.2.


@langlangcat, thank you, the site is very helpful. I also found a site that converts GIFT format into QTI. However, I don't see the option to create a Stimulus question type from GIFT to QTI. The quiz I'm creating has mostly Stimulus question types.

Thanks again!


I am curious how did you do a stimulus question with question bank, I cannot think a way to connect a "stimulus" with a set of random questions that you pull from an item bank in New Quiz.


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