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Surveyor II

New Quizzes Scores Not Captured in Gradebook

I noticed this week that not all the quiz scores (new quizzes) are reflected in the Gradebook.

I had 3 quizzes in the past couple of days and based on the log details under the Moderate feature, all my students were able to take the quizzes. However, not all the scores were captured in the Gradebook.

Can somebody please address this?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hmm, I'm sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with this.  Is it the case that some students have gradebook entries for a given quiz while others do not, or does one quiz have entries for all students while another has none?  Are there any difference in who the quizzes are assigned to, such as the quiz being assigned to one section but not another?

Surveyor II

Hi scottdennis. Thanks for the quick response. To answer your question, it is the case where some students have gradebook entries while others don't have and it is the same quiz assigned to all the members of the section. I conducted the same quiz in another class just 5 weeks ago but I never encountered the said issue.

Hmm, so we know that all the students began the quiz.  Some of the students have a score in the gradebook and some do not.  Do the students who do not have a score in the gradebook have quiz submissions you can view when looking directly at the quiz?  Is it possible that some students began the quiz but then closed out their web browser without submitting it?

Surveyor II

Hi scottdennis. Those who had no scores in the Canvas gradebook appeared to have no quiz submissions when checked individually. Which was very unlikely since the moderate log details showed that all of them answered the questions, finished the quiz and all have scores. And this happens only to new quizzes. When I used the same quiz prepared under classic quizzes no such thing occurs.


@taniperalta, this should be reported as a problem to your institution's Canvas administrators, who ideally would ask Canvas Support to review it (if your institution has a support plan).

We have the same issue occasionally with New Quizzes, and I reported it.  The Canvas Support engineer described submissions which are flagged MISSING in the gradebook, but viewable in Moderate, as "cached" submissions.  While there's not yet a confirmed contrary behavior (our case number is 07318585), Canvas Support is currently suggesting the following workaround, to which I've added a suggested double-check:

  • In Moderate, click on the student's attempt; then scroll to the bottom and give it 0 fudge points. (You have to type a 0 and/or use the arrows to change to a non-zero value, and then back to 0.) This will get the score and submission into the Gradebook and SpeedGrader.
  • Now, check again in the Gradebook.  If the fudge points workaround happened after the due date, the submission will be marked LATE; if necessary, remove that LATE flag in the Gradebook's Grade Detail Tray.

If others are having this problem with certain New Quizzes submitted attempts not appearing in the Gradebook, and flagged MISSING, please report it to Canvas Support if you can, even though a workaround is available.  If enough of us report it, perhaps there can be a fix.

Thanks RobDitto for sharing this workaround.