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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

New RCE - Are there any plans to use the extra screen space?

I am currently testing the New RCE prior to deployment in our instance of Canvas. Whilst greatly improved the removal of the right hand file/item menu does leave quite a bit of blank space on the screen (see mouse pointer in image below).

352201_pastedImage_1.pngAre there any plans to use this extra screen real estate, and if so, is there any detail on what this might be?

It may be useful to allow the text box to expand horizontally in the same way as you can currently expand the text box vertically.

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Community Team
Community Team‌, that's interesting. One of the redesign goals for the new RCE was to take advantage of the available screen real estate, and to that end, I currently have a page open in a browser set to full width on my 22-inch monitor: the RCE takes up the entire width of the page, and setting the browser to full screen view yields the same result. Are all of your instructors and colleagues consistently seeing the UI depicted in your screenshot across all browsers and devices?


Thanks for getting back to me stefaniesandersI'm testing it out prior to the RCE being enabled for all in our Canvas instance but it does look like this is happening for all user accounts types. I'll screen shot it as I go along and raise a support ticket as it is not intended behaviour.