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New Rich Content Editor?

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Our institution is not using the New Rich Content Editor.  What will happen to content pages we've created with the version when we switch to the new? Will the pages lose their formatting?

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Hi @snugent,

Thanks for the info. After the 40 minutes and two calls to Canvas yesterday (approx 20 min each), we figured out some of it. But we (Canvas Support and I) still could not figure out to make the external link open in a new tab. We did come up with a work-around. You have to copy the URL to the page you want to open in a new tab. Then paste the URL into the External Link box you showed. Then you have right-click and choose "Open link to a new tab". Then "Save" the page.

@traciebosket I believe external links created in Canvas automatically open in a new browser tab. You can make course links open in the new tab by switching over to HTML view to add target="_blank" attribute to the link code. 

<a href="" target-"_blank"></a>


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Oh sorry, I meant Internal links 

@snugent  Do you have a list of issues that you are preparing for your faculty? I would like to be prepared as much as possible before the trainings & emails start.


@traciebosket I have some documentation on my Canvas tutorial site (which is a Canvas course). I have shared the module to the Canvas Commons if you want to grab the content. 

OMG! Thank you @snugent ! I am so glad I asked. Thank you for sharing!

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @traciebosket ! Have you reviewed the video New Rich Content Editor - Canvas Community ? Also, the Doc Team has been hard at work updating the lessons with every new feature release/deploy; as you may have seen, the new RCE has been the beneficiary of regular small updates, and the updated lessons associated with the changes are typically available after the weekend in which the deploy/release has occurred. If something in a lesson isn't clear, please use the feedback form at the bottom of that lesson to indicate what can be improved. Thanks!